About The Cheese Truck

When combining Jason Sobocinski's love for grilling and cheese with Tom Sobocinski's love for vehicles, you get The Cheese Truck. The Cheese Truck brings Caseus to the streets, offering a mix of vegetarian soups, mouth watering sandwiches, and delicious treats.

The Cheese Truck first hit the streets in 2010 after the brothers purchased a used food truck on Craigslist. The truck was a quick success around Downtown New Haven, festivals, and many private events. After 5 years on the road it was time to update the truck. In 2015 the brothers purchased an aluminum box truck and started designing and building their own custom box truck. After a paint job from cousin Angelo and some help from Leo the electrician the truck was ready to roll (and a health inspection of course!). The new truck is customized with a 60 inch griddle for rolling out #CRISPYMELTY sandwiches all day.

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