Cheese Truck Challenge

THE CHALLENGE: Consume 10 Cheese Truck grilled cheese sandwiches, with your choice of at least one topping, in one hour or less.

THE PRIZE: Name your sandwich, your name on our truck, 1 sandwich per day for an entire year, kick-ass t-shirt, and bragging rights.

Many have tried it – few have conquered! Here are those brave souls who completed the challenge:


The “TEKIN” – Guacamole and Bacon

Tekin was the first person to ever complete the challenge finishing 10 sandwiches in only 32 minutes and 4 seconds.






THE WHOLE HOG – Bacon, Pulled Pork, and Onion!

Finished 10 sandwiches in a very impressive 18.5 minutes.







Finished 10 sandwiches in just under 60 minutes.





Some (but not all) worthy competitors:

Stefano Gandolfo
Jim Deng
Joel Sircus
Kevin Jarrin
Ric Best “King Hungry VIII”
Thayne Stoddard
Aaron Kaye
Alpha Graphics Crew
Conor Grady
John DeFazio
Matt Groeneveld
Asher Smith
Alan Kulka
Christopher Cook
Anida Kulla
Andrew Sinclair
Rhett Anderson
Austin Shiner